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Gay Computer Guys is an open-minded business offering computer repair and support to the all communities. Bi, gay, straight, trans---you name it! We believe people should be able to be themselves and not have to worry about what society says. Gay Computer Guys can handle all your computer needs including virus removal, data recovery, wireless setup, and even website design. We support Seattle, Bremerton, Renton, Kent, Tacoma, Bellevue, Redmond, and many more areas. We can also support you remotely if you are out of state.


The nice thing about working with us is you do not have to hide any of your files, photos, or internet shortcuts that would be considered "questionable" to all the other technicians out there---we’re here for you!  (In our opinion, they're the ones that should be considered questionable)! We have over 18 years of professional technology experience combined resolving basic and difficult computer issues, and we're proficient with new device setups, corporate environments (supporting servers and network infrastructure), website design, and more. Gay Computer Guys is looking to expand the business nationwide in the next five years. You can help us do this by spreading the word about our business---and you will be rewarded!

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