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Personal On-Site Support


  • $75/hr


Personal Remote Support Plan (1 Year)


  • $300 for 5 hours of support


Business On-site and Remote Support


  • $100/hr

Business Maintenance Plan (1 Year)


  • $400 for 5 hours of support

Data Recovery


Our pricing structure for data recovery services is as follows: $100 for standard recoveries and $300 for both complex and extremely complex recoveries. Typically, standard recovery suffices unless the hard drive is damaged or erased, necessitating extensive use of recovery software over many hours, classified as complex recovery. In cases requiring extraordinary measures, such as freezing the drive or dismantling it to extract data, the recovery is deemed extremely complex. An initial fee of $50 is required to commence recovery efforts. Should the hard drive prove utterly irrecoverable, only this initial fee will be charged.


Social Media Campaign


Get your brand noticed! Our services streamline the process of building connections, enhancing communication, and broadcasting your recent news to a wide audience. With our expert help, you can consistently gain Facebook likes and attract followers to your tweets and blogs. For just $75 a week, we offer up to 10 weekly updates across all major social platforms. Need more updates? We're flexible—talk to us about custom solutions.


Website Design


Make your mark online! In today's digital age, having a professionally crafted, manageable website is crucial for providing clients and prospects with a go-to information hub that supports sales or donations. Whether you're looking for a straightforward site or a more elaborate one with multiple pages, reach out to us for an affordable quote.

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